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Millennial way of doing Business!

Convenient and Cost-effective delivery for Individuals, Micro, Small and Medium-sized Businesses selling online/stores.

Same Day Delivery

We’ll make sure your items delivered on the same day. Available for documents, parcels, foods and etc.

Our Transporter

Door-to-door pick-up and delivery service by motorcycle, car or even using 4×4 movers within Kuching and Samarahan.

Two Way Service

We can collect, deliver and return back your document on the same day or the next day.

Large Package

We can deliver large package up to 40kg by car.

Runner For Hire

Got multiple things to do? Get things done without thinking about the traffic, parking, etc. Simply leave a proper instructions to our runner in the note section.

Move Goods

We can transfer large packages with 4×4 or van. Up to 500kg.


Deliver With Ease

Fed-up with your city’s hectic traffic? Need to deliver something quickly? We are your best solution – it’s both efficient and affordable!

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